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A Carb That's Filling AND Healthy?

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A Carb That's Filling AND Healthy?

If you think all carbs are bad for you, think again! A new study from the British Nutrition Foundation and University College Dublin published in the journal Nutrition Bulletin found that a specific type of carbohydrate called resistant starch has a bunch of health benefits.

Resistant starch is a certain kind of fiber found in potatoes, bananas, CHICKPEAS!, grains, and other foods. The study found that chowing down on foods rich in resistant starch may support gut health and increase the feeling of fullness. 

Unlike most carbs, resistant starch bypasses the small intestine and is metabolized in the colon. The process produces short-chain fatty acids that provide the body's energy. Short-chain fatty acids have also been linked to a lower risk of inflammation-related diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. 

"Resistant starch appears to aid blood glucose control and may confer other health benefits," says study author Stacey Lockyer, a nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation. 

Since Rule Breaker brownies and blondies are made with more than 40% chickpeas, you can feel even better about snacking on them!