An Easy Vegan Cheese Substitute

Ready to add that cheesy, savory flavor to all of your family’s favorite dairy-free dinners? Whether your troop is vegan or simply enjoys the wholesome goodness of plant-based meals, you’re going to love this nifty little parmesan alternative!

Got any guess what it could be? I’m talking about nutritional yeast! For years, I've been adding this ingredient to veggie lasagnas, pizzas, and pasta! Why not give it a try?

Apart from the nutty, cheesy flavor it adds to your food, it’s also high in vitamin B, selenium, and zinc—meaning you can douse this stuff over your popcorn, chips, or salad—completely guilt-free!

Nutritional yeast grows on cane sugar, and when you buy it from a brand such as Bragg’s, you can rest easy knowing that your nutritional yeast is free from nuts, wheat, soy, and gluten. Oh, and did I mention that it’s Kosher to boot!

 So, now that you have a secret weapon for the dinner time rush, what are you going to cook up?