Fast Fresh Vegan Lunch: Grilled Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad

I have too many tomatoes. And it’s a great problem to have.This summer, I finally found the perfect organic varieties at Tasteful Garden to thrive on my Brooklyn terrace.Now, every morning I pick dozens of Rose Indigo, Sugary Cherry, and Golden Sweet Tomatoes.
This recipe for grilled corn and cherry tomato salad is fast, vegan (of course) and really showcases their sweet, sunshiny flavor. I start by grilling some corn on the cob (organic, always) and red onion. If you’ve never made grilled onions, you are missing out. They are super easy—just slice thickly, brush with oil, and grill on both sides until charred. They emerge sweet, smoky, and still crunchy. Yum! 
Then I add some seedless cucumber, chopped avocado, the corn kernels (here's the easiest way to get them off the cob) and a big bunch of those tomatoes, and top it with a squeeze of lime juice and a drizzle of good olive oil. I make a huge bowl at the beginning of the week and sometimes add grilled peaches, some chickpeas or some sunflower seeds for crunch. I feel like I’m literally eating summer, and I really look forward to lunch.  
For dessert, nothing beats our brand new Rule Breaker Bites. Now, that’s fast, fresh, vegan and delicious!--Nancy