Meet the Rule Breaker Team: Peggy Kochenbach

I’d like to introduce you to Peggy, our Director of Marketing, as we continue to highlight the women behind Rule Breaker Snacks in honor of Women’s History Month! Peggy’s been working for Rule Breaker Snacks for several years now and I’m thrilled that last fall she came on board as our Director of Marketing! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with an MBA in marketing she’s a great asset to our team in many ways! She’s a great team player (she’s even won awards for it!) and her insight and knowledge are really valuable when it comes to everything from ingredients and nutrition questions to branding and messaging. She’s also the mom of four beautiful children (each likes a different flavor of Rule Breaker Snacks best - which is amazing!). So what does Peggy eat for breakfast to start her day? I got her to spill the ingredients of her custom cereal mix; a blend of high fiber cereal, granola, almonds and cranberries. Give it a try - it’s super simple and satisfying.  Peggy is a wonderful addition to our team and I’m so happy that we get to work together. And don’t forget you can always ask Peggy nutrition questions at


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