Meet the Rule Breaker Team: Erin Mitchell

Happy Women’s History Month! As promised, I sat down with one of our Rule Breakers to get to know her better. Erin just started a few months ago but already she fits right in. We connected right at the beginning when we realized we both experienced the horrors and joys of freelance writing. My background is in nutritional journalism, Erin does more creative writing. She’s had two short plays produced in Boston, about a  dozen private readings, and some dabbled in some ghostwriting for film (She won’t spill any details. Trust me.). She’s not just a writer, she also has one of the cutest dogs around and a cat who loves to join Zoom calls.  Erin has been a great addition to our team and I’m so glad to have her on board.

Want to know more about the women of Rule Breaker? Come back next week to get to know another member of our team.