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The Rule Breaker Team

Nancy Kalish

Founder & CEO

nancy kalish

What I do: We’re a tiny company, so I do a little of everything from sales to shipping orders. But my favorite job is dreaming up new flavors for Rule Breaker treats and baking dozens of batches until they’re perfect.

One rule I always break: Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?

One rule I never break: I thoroughly investigate every ingredient we use to make sure it lives up to our super-high “only good stuff” standards.

In my fridge you’ll find: My latest obsessions—HungryRoot meal kits with “noodles” made from veggies such as turnips and sweet potatoes, Suja Drinking Vinegar, and Nutpods nondairy creamer—along with baby kale, several kinds of olives, lots of cooked beans, and big boxes of our brownies and blondies (I love them cold!)

How I take my brownies: With my morning coffee, after working out, after dinner…okay, I eat a lot of brownies.

When I'm not at work, I can be found: Being walked by Oscar, my goldendoodle, in my Brooklyn neighborhood or Prospect Park.

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Cassie Abrams

Finance Director

cassie abrams

What I do: Keep the books.

One rule I always break: Dessert first is fine with me.

One rule I never break: I listen to the story the numbers tell. 

In my fridge you’ll find: Yogurt, cheese, milk, homemade cookie dough, and a bottle of prosecco so we're always ready to celebrate.

How I take my brownies: Straight up.

When I’m not at work, I can be found: At the playground with my family and running in Prospect Park.

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Dawn Techow

Operations Director

dawn techow

What I do: Make and ship the brownies

One rule I always break: I pair red wine with everything

One rule I never break: No gluten, no dairy, no allergens in our products!

In my fridge you’ll find: Apples, lemons, red peppers, Maya Kaimal simmer sauce, Ronnybrook milk, Blue Marble Ice cream and Pellegrino sparkling water

How I take my brownies: Warmed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

When I’m not at work, I can be found: Wandering the halls of the American Museum of Natural History with my family, watching John Oliver or running in Prospect Park.

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Brittany Barton

Director of Marketing and Regional Sales

Brittany Barton

What I do: Marketing and sales. 

One rule I always break: Just about all of them. 

One rule I never break: Authenticity. 

In my fridge you’ll find: A variety of vegetables, eggs, almond milk, sauerkraut and chocolate brownies. 

How I take my brownies: Warm and with a scoop of coconut ice cream. 

When I'm not at work, I can be found: Wandering through pockets of nature in the city or cooking in my kitchen.

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Tracy McKinney

Field Sales Manager



What I do: Field sales

One rule I always break: Eating dessert before dinner

One rule I never break: Keeping a smile at all times

In my fridge you’ll find: Kale, pink lady apples, almond milk, coconut bliss ice cream, brownies

How I take my brownies: Straight no chaser

When I'm not at work, I can be found: At Union Square Park with my mini-me, Estreya

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Erin Smith

Social Media Manager

erin smith

What I do: Social media. If you are tweeting, Instagramming, or Facebooking Rule Breaker Snacks, you are talking to me behind the scenes. I also work closely with our bloggers, influencers, and ambassadors to spread the word about Rule Breaker Snacks.

One rule I always break: Eating too many chips. Once I start, I can't stop!

One rule I never break: Eating gluten. As someone living with celiac disease, I cannot even tolerate a crumb of gluten so I NEVER cheat and eat it.

In my fridge you’ll find: There is usually some kind of cheese (my favorite guilty pleasure) and always almond milk. Everything in my fridge is gluten-free.

How I take my brownies: With a cup of tea with milk and sugar, just like my grandma taught me.

When I'm not at work, I can be found: Walking or riding my bike along the ocean in my adopted hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. 

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Allison Rutter

Assistant Director of Marketing

rule breaker allison

What I do: Everything else. Also, professional taste-tester. 

One rule I always break: Being fashionably late. 

One rule I never break: Getting at least 7 hours of sleep. 

In my fridge you’ll find: Seltzer, cheese, cold brew, yogurt, honey crisp apples, lots of quinoa, even more brownies. 

How I take my brownies: Straight from the fridge after a work out. 

When I’m not at work, I can be found: At crossfit, pilates, or watching Netflix.

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Top Dog

What I do: Team mascot.

One rule I always break: Nancy says don't steal dirty socks from the laundry. But I do it whenever she's not looking, or I'm bored, or she's not paying attention to me...or I just feel like it.

One rule I never break: Being a good boy.

In my fridge you’ll find: Hydrolyzed protein dog food. Sound delicious, I know. My favorite food is cheese, but I only get to eat it on special occasions.

How I take my brownies: I don't. I'm a dog. Woof.

When I’m not at work, I can be found: Walking with Nancy, playing with my friends in the park, or sniffing around Brooklyn.

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